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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2011 7:30am-8:00am PST

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>> nice to meet you as well as the commissioners. this is really a homecoming for me. before the los angeles conservancy i was at the office here in san francisco for eight years. i am delighted to be back working with the port and throughout the city, it is a great opportunity. as you know, you have a copy above book before you and hopefully you will get a chance to move through it -- read through. this is really the first book to tell a comprehensive story of the port of san francisco, largely an unknown story. it goes well beyond architectural and engineering landmarks, building into the history of workers, warehouses, connected to the port. it talks about the story of how
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the court did receive the development of the city. it chronicles the port from its inception in the mid 19th century to the present day, concluding with an epilogue tracing the ongoing transformation through present day. it set the stage for future changes ahead with the future announcement regarding the america's cup. really it is a wonderful read if i might say so myself. over 300 historic photos, maps, and illustrations from different times in the port's history. a lavishly illustrated book. this project is only made possible because of the partnership between the port of san francisco and heritage, dating back to the 1990's where heritage worked closely with the
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pork and community in conceiving the proposal for the national register historic district. this partnership has continued into the present day since august from my start here, working closely with mark on the board, as well as renee martin. planning for the rollout we want to get maximum exposure. several of ants are already on the calendar. a panel discussion of the historical society to highlight this very rich story. more information will be posted on the heritage web site. in addition our partnership transcends this particular project. over the years the port has
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continued before the issues committee for feedback on various projects proposed. i am honored to have recently been appointed to the central water fund advisory group. likewise, our annual fund-raiser will be at 35 this year. thank you to monique, mark, and others for securing that been you. we feel that this project is critical in enhancing vision of advocacy and the port commission, especially as the world's attention will be focused on the rich array of historic resources that comprise the historic waterfront at the port of san francisco. just in terms of where you can get the book, it is currently available on our website. literally hot off the presses. just before today i drop off in order downstairs, a very logical
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retailer for this book. we are pleased to have them as a partner in this project. likewise the port will have copies on sale for the public. thank you again. i look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead. >> thank you, mike, very much. about them and thank you for taking on the committee assignment. i think that you will enjoy it. a great place to be. the book is fantastic. i do not know if you have had a chance to flip through, i had seen many of them but there were so many i had not seen before. it should be mandatory reading. next on the agenda for today is a very interesting news. i know that you think i have finished but i have more things to talk about. the first is carnival splendor. remember that ship that broke
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down outside the waters of mexico? it has been in dry dock in san diego and is coming here to san francisco for some additional work. she will be arriving on january 22 to complete engine repairs. one of the reasons she had to come here is she is a post panama ship, bigger than the panama canal, there are no dry docks except for hours on this coast able to lift her up and do the engine work. it is 110,000 tons. 953 long. pier 27 is 1,100 feet. she carries about 3000 passengers and 1150 crew members. this job is going to provide
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lots of employment here for the next four weeks, something we have been gearing up for for some time. we are excited to have that opportunity and i am glad to have a partnership converted into something that could handle this kind of affair. that is exactly why these kinds of vessels are able to work on this side of the pacific. so, we commend bae for their excellent work going forward. i am sure that we will get a glimpse of where you are on the east side of the city. i look forward to that opportunity. in closing i would like to note the passing of michael p. garvey. does that ring a bell? he is the co-founder of red java house at pier 32. he was 85 years old. he had moved on from there some
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time ago. for about four years he and his brother owned and operated teh red java house. he is a fascinating guy. he grew up on purcharo hill and joined the merchant marines at the age of 16. he is very much a true san franciscan. his memory lives on and i wanted to bring that to everyone's attention that one of our great tenants has moved onto a new horizon, so to speak. with that i conclude my remarks. >> any public comment on the executive director's report? commissioners, with regard to the consent item, consent calendar item 8b will be taken out of the calendar [unintelligible] so] can seek your approval -- so
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that [unintelligible] can seek your approval. 8a an, request authorization to consent to assignment and assumption of contract between the port and treadwell for environmental consulting services and 8ac request authorization to accept an expanded $90,000 in grant funds from the association of the bay area governments bay trail program. >> is there any public comment on consent? all in favor? >> aye. >> resolution 1101 and 1103 have been approved. >> 8b, request approval of resolution for the relocation of jc decaux public service kiosk
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from the 2800 block of taylor street to the southeast corner of taylor street and embarcadero. >> i am here to explain to you the amended resolution for the kiosk relocation. we are requesting retroactive approval for the permanent relocation of the kiosk. this is retroactive because the kiosk had to be relocated to accommodate the taylor street improvement project in august of 2010 and was relocated in september 2010 because it was an opportune time to take advantage of the sidewalk work with cost and relocation. that said, the contract requires that the port commission approve any location or relocation of a kiosk. i am here today to make sure that we understand this
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relocation was coordinated with dpw to make sure that it met with design guidelines attached to the contract. no comments were received when we sent a 30 day notification letter to the property owners and tenants within 130 feet of the relocation site. and the relocation site was presented to the fisherman's wharf waterfront advisory committee in september 2010 with no comments. the kiosk has been in place for roughly three months and no comments have been received. staff is here today for your determination. if you have any further questions, i am available. >> so moved. >> second. >> any public comment? commissioners? all of those in favor? a ye. -- >> aye.
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>> the resolution has been approved. >> a item 9 item 9a, informatiol update on the port 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks general obligation bond capital program. >> good afternoon. this update on the capital projects funded by the 2008 bond, on february 5, 2008 the voters approved $185 million in general obligation measures entitled 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks general- obligation bond. of which $33.5 million is allocated to waterfront parks. thanks to the generosity of the voters this is the first time that the port received funding
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from general obligation bonds with the city is the repayment entity. for the benefit of our new commissioner, welcome, i will go over the overall funding distribution of the bond measure. neighborhood parks received 117.4 million. our parks, 17.5. community opportunity grants programs, $5 million. park trail reconstruction, $5 million. forestry, $4 million. the citizen oversight of audit commission, $200,000. totaling $185 million. the general distribution was 18% to the port. for our project allocation, pier 43, the bay trail linked oversee $7.8 million, the street wharf, $2.9 million.
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the blue streak projects, $21.6 million. the secret street project, $578,000. $658,000 for bond commission other costs. about 65% of the allocation. the bond sale timing, geobond ordinance as passed in october of 2007 placed the 2008 geobonds on the ballot. it required that this commission review all, with a completion of two issued in 2008 for $3.7 million, pending environmental review and construction costs. another in march of 2010 for $10.7 million.
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portions of the construction budget mostly for pier 43 and baseline park. we have planned for two more sales to be timed with project readiness. the first for the spring of this year to fund construction of pier 43 and portions of the ban and street project and blue- green way project. the likely sale in the spring will be exclusively for construction of the blue-green way projects. for a brief project update, pier 43 trail links will restore public access for over 550 feet of neglected waterfront in the heart of fisherman's wharf by creating a public promise of. it will demolish a majority of pier 43 and a half, protecting the shoreline by placing a sea wall between pier 43 and a
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franciscan restaurant, constructing a, not along the shore side. environmental review is complete for this project. entitlements are in place. they will be advertiser this month. we have a construction scheduled. we are nearing construction on this project. the first and second issuance contained a majority funding for this at 7.6 $5 million. -- 7.6 but -- $7.65 million. the ban and street wharf will be a public open space open to the day adjacent to the embarcadero. the project will be abolished and condemned. -- abolish a condemned appeapie.
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the final is anticipated in 2011. the commission recently signed and approved a signed agreement with the army corps of engineers to carry out demolition of the project expected to begin in november of 2011. the america's cup event authority was used as a newly reconstructed worth for a public viewing of the event. as a result that required project completion by june of 2013. support staff is working closely with army corps to advance the schedule. also looking to resolve funding shortfalls in the project so that we can meet the schedule to get it built in time. the shortfall is about $4 million. the blue-green way project is to improve and expand public open space network trails along the
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city's central waterfront from the china basin channel to the san francisco waterline. you will recall that it was not well defined at the time. several potential projects received deal bond -- geobond funding. guidelines will identify how it will be funded. a few of the projects were identified for early implementation. most projects are awaiting completion of the signing process. for those that had early identification, they found park design has completed with a construction bill expected this spring. park improvements expected in the design phase with construction bids. expected this spring for the crane park with rfp for project assistance. as i said, planning is ongoing. the first and second issuance is provided with $6 million for
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the project. the third issuance is $8.6 million. the final has a value of $7 million as anticipated. combined with existing waterfront parks, pier 7, gary bridge plaza, pier 14, southeast part, the 2008 geobond supported the development of new public parks and open spaces. the next day of project and implementation cs project 43 constructed along with brandon street. we will work with stakeholders, the mayor's office, the board of supervisors, and a capital planning committee for a financing proposal appeared 27, china basin park, bicycle pedestrian improvements for the
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achievement of a vision of public parks and open spaces along a continuously walkable waterfront. we will back very shortly in march with supplemental appropriations for the third sale. i am here with the project manager for pier 43. also with larry brown from financing. thank you. >> thank you. is there any public comment on this item? any questions, commissioners? >> just one. going back to the brand and street wharf, you said there might be a shortage of $4 million. how do we propose capitalizing that shortfall? >> commissioners, executive director, my name is steven and i am the project director of couple brennan street wharf -- project director of brennan
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street wharf. we have alternates for the project to complete the build out. the full bill out is $4 million short.
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